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The home of Dillon Engineering and the world's fastest FFT IP Cores.

Don’t waste your valuable time and resources. Let Dillon Engineering pave the way to realize your complex algorithms in FPGAs and ASICs.

We specialize in custom design services, with particular emphasis on FPGA and ASIC based DSP algorithms and high-bandwidth, real-time digital signal and image processing applications.

Our internally-developed, state-of-the-art ParaCore Architect tool facilitates the design of parameterized IP Cores. We also have a number of pre-designed IP Cores that we can quickly customize to address your unique applications.

Consider us a cost-effective extension to your team. Use your expertise to design new algorithms and our expertise to implement them in digital logic. Speed your designs’ time-to-market by leveraging our proven proficiency and capability.

Design Services

Dillon Engineering has nearly 20 years experience delivering system and logic design solutions for the most demanding applications, serving customers large and small in a wide range of markets.



Dillon Engineering has a wide selection of FFT IP to meet the needs of any application. The IP is well suited for either FPGA or ASIC targets and if needed can be quickly customized to satisfy any particular requirement.



Advanced high-level design, modeling and verification capabilities separate us from the pack. At Dillon Engineering, our infrastructure and proven design proficiency ensure your implementation will be a success.


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